Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Zumba Fitness♥

Tonight I have started classes called Zumba Fitness ♥
Every Monday night is in a club called Molly Darcy's and every Sunday it's at a War Memorial.
There are classes every Monday, Wednesday, & Friday but we can't make it on Wednesdays.
I wish I had a girlfriend I could go with but I have to go with my mom instead, but that's alright lol
Even though she's uncoordinated and keeps knocking into me, we still have lots of fun.

Anyway, this my chosen way of exercise.
Instead of heading out to the boring gym every week and walking on a treadmill for an hour, I get to go to a club and listen to some kick ass dance music and dance while exercising at the same time.

I'm really committed to this and hope to lose enough weight where I'll be able to wear a bikini and ACTUALLY look hot lmfao