Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Night in the City that Never Sleeps with the One Person You Can't Live Without ♥

So, because I had such a beautifully enchanting evening in New York City with the Great Benjamin last night, I've decided to blog about it (:

So, I spent the night with Benji last night for my 18th birthday that passed a couple weeks ago and we were supposed to be going to the Palisades mall but my mom screwed us up because she called it the Nanuet mall so me and Benji basically took a bunch of train rides and ended up in New Jersey or at least, the borderline of New Jersey and New York.

So basically, the whole night turned into a big adventure with romantic train rides and holding hands under the never ending lights of the city that never sleeps ♥
We walked through Times Square and he had his arm around me and we saw the Empire State Building lit up and it was simply beautiful ♥
It felt like we didn't have to hide and we could just be together and belong to each other and be happy together ♥

We ate at the best McDonalds in New York where the burgers actually look like they do in the commercials and we indulged ourselves in a bunch of food and we finished it off with Milk n' Cookie shakes from ColdStone Creamery. It was a sweet ending to a delicious meal.
He ate 2 angus burgers and some fries and I ate 2 grilled chipotle snack wraps and some fries.

We finished the night off on a 45 minute train ride back to the suburbs in our own private seat that we kinda found by accident but it secluded us from the rest of the train and its passengers so we had like our own private seating.
And, of course, the Great Benjamin discovered it >:D

So, lets just say it got a little steamy but then it died down to simply romantic and we started kissing while listening to "When Its Love" by Van Halen. And we actually didn't kiss until the romantic chorus broke out and it was just SO corny but SO fucking romantic at the same time and it just felt so perfect ♥
So, because of that indescribable moment, that's basically OUR song now lol :P ♥

The end to the evening was kinda sad and frustrating because we had a serious discussion that we didn't even get to finish and it upset us both and it was just, not the best ending to the evening but overall, the entire night was simply magical and the best birthday present ever because I got to spend one magical night with a man that I truly adore and we got to be free, together ♥

I don't wanna ruin this post by telling you all what our serious conversation was about so I'm just gonna end this post on a romantic and happy note (:

As Van Halen would say, "How do you know when it's love?"
I can't tell you, but it lasts forever ♥