Tuesday, October 19, 2010

♥ College Fair ♥

I am exhausted.
I was up late last night because I went to a College Fair at Danbury Fair Mall, went to Friendlys for dinner, and when I got home I had to do my homework and sift through the over 100 college brochures I got.

There are about 6 I am most interested in out of the 100 brochures I have.

 ♥ University of New Haven ♥

This university is local and the tuition is very cheap for in-state transfers: $9,000-$17,000 per year. They have a great Communications and Journalism program and they also have an Interior Design Major.

♥ Paier College of Art ; Hamden, CT ♥

This school is also local and tuition per year is about $15,000. They have Interior Design and Photography majors.

♥ Fashion Design & Merchandising School ; California ♥

This school is in California and has a great Interior Design and Fashion Photography Program.

♥ Digital Media Arts School; Florida ♥

This school is in Florida and they have really great Video Game Design and Photography majors.

Greensboro University ; North Carolina

This is one state away from my grandparents and they have great Journalism and Photography majors.

Coastal Carolina University ; South Carolina

This is very close by my grandparents house. It's about a 5 to 10 minute drive and they have many great Writing majors and courses.

*The hearts indicate my favorite schools and best picks*

My plan is to go to a Community College or University for about a year or two to raise my GPA and than I plan to transfer to one of the above schools.
I want to major in Interior Design or Photography.
I want to minor in either Journalism, Fiction Writing/Creative Writing, or Poetry.
If I had to take a science class in college, I'd want to take either Forensic Science or Marine Biology.
The College Fair was amazing and I think I know what I want now ...

♥ I want to be either an Interior Designer or Professional Photographer and have Writing be a side job/hobby ♥

P.S. I'm also getting a professional camera for Christmas so I can delve back into Photography again ♥ Purple, of course :]