Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Writing My First Album Review

So, I'm getting a big and helpful headstart on my career.
My "mentor", Tommy, gave me my first assignment in my career as a rock journalist.

My assignment is to write a review for Third Eye Blind's newest album, URSA Major.
Right now, I am jotting now background notes I need to include about the album and the band and also researching some tips on what should or needs to go into an album review.

I will keep you posted.

I will also be working on a new post that I am calling:

"Love Letter to My Leather"


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

♥ College Fair ♥

I am exhausted.
I was up late last night because I went to a College Fair at Danbury Fair Mall, went to Friendlys for dinner, and when I got home I had to do my homework and sift through the over 100 college brochures I got.

There are about 6 I am most interested in out of the 100 brochures I have.

 ♥ University of New Haven ♥

This university is local and the tuition is very cheap for in-state transfers: $9,000-$17,000 per year. They have a great Communications and Journalism program and they also have an Interior Design Major.

♥ Paier College of Art ; Hamden, CT ♥

This school is also local and tuition per year is about $15,000. They have Interior Design and Photography majors.

♥ Fashion Design & Merchandising School ; California ♥

This school is in California and has a great Interior Design and Fashion Photography Program.

♥ Digital Media Arts School; Florida ♥

This school is in Florida and they have really great Video Game Design and Photography majors.

Greensboro University ; North Carolina

This is one state away from my grandparents and they have great Journalism and Photography majors.

Coastal Carolina University ; South Carolina

This is very close by my grandparents house. It's about a 5 to 10 minute drive and they have many great Writing majors and courses.

*The hearts indicate my favorite schools and best picks*

My plan is to go to a Community College or University for about a year or two to raise my GPA and than I plan to transfer to one of the above schools.
I want to major in Interior Design or Photography.
I want to minor in either Journalism, Fiction Writing/Creative Writing, or Poetry.
If I had to take a science class in college, I'd want to take either Forensic Science or Marine Biology.
The College Fair was amazing and I think I know what I want now ...

♥ I want to be either an Interior Designer or Professional Photographer and have Writing be a side job/hobby ♥

P.S. I'm also getting a professional camera for Christmas so I can delve back into Photography again ♥ Purple, of course :]


Thursday, September 30, 2010

Purple, Music, & Cake

I am ashamed.
I just posted a blog about how fat I am, and now I'm eating a big piece of chocolate, ice cream cake. But, I was hungry and I didn't like what was being served in the cafeteria so .... No, it's bad, it's all bad.

Anyway, I am a Purple Girl.
My mom bought me a fucking kick ass pair of purple sunglasses yesterday and they're just fucking awesome!
I'm trying to also get a kick ass Ed Hardy purse cuz' my mom bought me a bunch of kick ass pins from Hot Topic and I want to put them on this new purse.
My mom even brought me home a box of purple pens!
I love purple !! =]

Music has saved my soul. It's been there for me when nobody else was. It helped me through the hardest times in my life, whether I needed to scream, laugh, or cry. It's always there, like an invisible life force, holding my hand as I walk through life. It helps me unleash the feelings I keep locked up inside and just helps me let it out. Doesn't matter if it's head bangin' rock and roll, suicidal screamo, or sexy hip hop. Whatever my mood, there's always something to listen to, and I always have my headphones to plug into my ears. My headphones are my life source. Music has saved my soul.


Finding Myself

It seems that I am learning more and more about myself every day.
Like just now, I had to put on music to get my mind ready to blog, regardless of the fact were not supposed to have electronics out in school. But my MP3 and my cell phone are out for everyone to see on the table as I type this blog.

I even learn things about myself through my Transitions class because we're always taking surveys to help us find out more about ourselves.

There are a lot of changes that I need to be making but I'm just too lazy and I don't have the energy. I know that I shouldn't be making excuses but, I probably have a thyroid problem just like my mother, that I need medication for. This problem is probably the cause of me being so tired all the time. I wanna get the medication soon because I hate feeling like this. I hate not having the energy to do what I wanna do every day.
My schedule after school goes something like this:
I get home and I'm exhausted. I get comfortable and then I end up watching TV for too long or falling asleep. Then I end up doing my chores and homework too late and then my mom gets home and I have to eat dinner and shower, and then even though I'm tired, I stay up late to have more free time to read and write. And the vicious cycle continues.

I'm getting really bad. While I was away in South Carolina, I got very fat. I was eating constant junk every hour on the hour and when I got home, I found to my shocking horror that I couldn't fit into jeans that I wore for most of last year. But, I forced myself into them and now they're actually ripping because they can't contain my folds of fat.
I don't excercise enough. I mean, I do walk every day but it's not enough because the fattening foods I eat every day doesn't help and defeats the purpose of walking.
I don't like seeing myself naked before a shower because it disgusts me ... To look at myself and all the extra baggage that weighs me down ...
And I want to put on makeup every day and do my hair differently but because I'm so exhausted every day, I don't have the energy to do so.

The only good thing I've done is keeping my head in the books and doing my work and doing all my chores when asked of me.

I've also discovered that I am not ready for a relationship, at all.
I am not happy with my self image so how can I be happy with somebody else ?
I am happy with myself as a person, but health and image wise, not so much.
I do need to work on myself more, and I know I have lots more to find out about myself and my inner being but, my health is most important right now.
I just like food and I can't help myself when you put something good in front of me, like a piece of chocolate cake or a big pizza pie with tons of meat on it.
I know I need to cut down and eat more salads, fish, and chicken.
Although, I have made some subtle changes, like eating more wheat bread and eating turkey bacon, instead of regular bacon.

I just know that I need to make some changes, but I just don't have the energy.
But I am so thankful to have a bunch of people who care about me and are there to support me in all the decisions I make.

That is all


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tired, Sick, & Inspired

So, I am tired. Every day I dread getting up at 6 am, even though I love my school.
I have a cold right now, mostly congestion but with me being so tired every day, my immune system is weak, so I'm probably going to get sicker. But I hope not.

I am a official werewolf lover, just to point that out to everyone. The Shiver Trilogy is my new favorite series. I am sorry to say, but I am completely sick of Twilight. Plus, I have migrated from the vampires to the werewolves. I'd rather have a beautifully stunning, warm wolf with gorgeous eyes than have a bleached, stone cold vampire. They have no heart to me. The Shiver Trilogy is my new series and I am fully rooted with Grace & Sam. It is The Twilight for Werewolf Lovers.

My mom is irritating me a lot because she's rushing me to get a job and get my license but maybe I'm not ready for all of that yet. I've been looking for a job and I can't find one and I don't have time to study for my permit but I know I need to because my moms car is gonna go soon, and it's a one time offer for a free car. Although, her car is pretty old. I've been hoping for a call back or an email from Boston Market because my mom sent in an application for me and I got an email saying they're looking it over so, I'm hoping I get an interview.

That's all for now.
Wish me luck!!!


Friday, September 24, 2010

New & Interesting Happenings

So, I have a lot going on and there's just SO much to write.

On a first note, I am a proud and happy senior; Glad to be graduating and moving on with my life and my career as a writer. Fate has shown me that writing is a big part of my future and makes up big parts in my life. I simply know this because, if I didn't write I wouldn't be able to live. Words hold and exhert their power over me but they use me to write sacred stories and inspiring poems that make the mind work and the heart soar. I have also made writing a part of my daily routine each and every day.

Nothing new on the love life. I yearn for love and I wish for love but, maybe it's better if I'm not in love right now. It's my senior year and I need to focus on myself as a person, my writing, driving, and a job. Parents are still divorced but I'm seeing my dad today after school and he's taking me to Chili's for lunch, which is awesome. My zodiac, the Taurus, says I am at my best when in love but I am also at my best when writing.

I got a new phone, finally and happily. I also got Internet and unlimited texting, courtesy of my amazing father lol

I'm trying to get a job at Boston Market near Walmart because they're hiring and I used to go to school with this girl and her father is the manager. I sent in my application and they said that they're looking over my application, including all the others, and they're trying to decide who is the best candidate for the job and hopefully, they'll call or email me asking for an interview. At least, I hope. But that's all I can do right now is hope.
I also need to get my junior license because my mom is offering me her car for free and if I don't inherit it soon, I won't have a free car anymore so I need to start studying for my permit test.

Also, me & my best friend, Meena are going to start putting together and making our own Zene. It's in the DIY category and we plan to get started next week or the week after, at the most. We're planning to start out with the book version first, which would be good helping us get started with our careers, and than transfer to our own blog or website. We might even have guest writers. The title is:

Breath Life into Me

It's going to consist of:

-Short Stories (1 article a month)
-Book Reviews

That's all we have so far and it's a work in progress right now.

I also know what I'm planning to do as far as college.
I plant to attend community college locally for about 2 years to raise my GPA and get the extra credits I need and than I'm going to transfer to Coastal Carolina University (CCU) AKA My Dream School and live with my grandparents and hopefully, take care of my baby cousin =]


No Title

We sit side by side
Our fingers rapidly hitting the keys
Writing ourselves and our thoughts onto the screen
We have so much to say
All these ideas flying in our heads need to be heard
Two great minds, two great hearts
Working as one
We are writers
And we are gonna tell the world our story


Thursday, September 23, 2010

New Blog

This is my new and improved, official blog.

A lot is going on but I can't blog about it now because I have lots of homework to do but I'll update soon.