Friday, September 24, 2010

New & Interesting Happenings

So, I have a lot going on and there's just SO much to write.

On a first note, I am a proud and happy senior; Glad to be graduating and moving on with my life and my career as a writer. Fate has shown me that writing is a big part of my future and makes up big parts in my life. I simply know this because, if I didn't write I wouldn't be able to live. Words hold and exhert their power over me but they use me to write sacred stories and inspiring poems that make the mind work and the heart soar. I have also made writing a part of my daily routine each and every day.

Nothing new on the love life. I yearn for love and I wish for love but, maybe it's better if I'm not in love right now. It's my senior year and I need to focus on myself as a person, my writing, driving, and a job. Parents are still divorced but I'm seeing my dad today after school and he's taking me to Chili's for lunch, which is awesome. My zodiac, the Taurus, says I am at my best when in love but I am also at my best when writing.

I got a new phone, finally and happily. I also got Internet and unlimited texting, courtesy of my amazing father lol

I'm trying to get a job at Boston Market near Walmart because they're hiring and I used to go to school with this girl and her father is the manager. I sent in my application and they said that they're looking over my application, including all the others, and they're trying to decide who is the best candidate for the job and hopefully, they'll call or email me asking for an interview. At least, I hope. But that's all I can do right now is hope.
I also need to get my junior license because my mom is offering me her car for free and if I don't inherit it soon, I won't have a free car anymore so I need to start studying for my permit test.

Also, me & my best friend, Meena are going to start putting together and making our own Zene. It's in the DIY category and we plan to get started next week or the week after, at the most. We're planning to start out with the book version first, which would be good helping us get started with our careers, and than transfer to our own blog or website. We might even have guest writers. The title is:

Breath Life into Me

It's going to consist of:

-Short Stories (1 article a month)
-Book Reviews

That's all we have so far and it's a work in progress right now.

I also know what I'm planning to do as far as college.
I plant to attend community college locally for about 2 years to raise my GPA and get the extra credits I need and than I'm going to transfer to Coastal Carolina University (CCU) AKA My Dream School and live with my grandparents and hopefully, take care of my baby cousin =]


No Title

We sit side by side
Our fingers rapidly hitting the keys
Writing ourselves and our thoughts onto the screen
We have so much to say
All these ideas flying in our heads need to be heard
Two great minds, two great hearts
Working as one
We are writers
And we are gonna tell the world our story