Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tired, Sick, & Inspired

So, I am tired. Every day I dread getting up at 6 am, even though I love my school.
I have a cold right now, mostly congestion but with me being so tired every day, my immune system is weak, so I'm probably going to get sicker. But I hope not.

I am a official werewolf lover, just to point that out to everyone. The Shiver Trilogy is my new favorite series. I am sorry to say, but I am completely sick of Twilight. Plus, I have migrated from the vampires to the werewolves. I'd rather have a beautifully stunning, warm wolf with gorgeous eyes than have a bleached, stone cold vampire. They have no heart to me. The Shiver Trilogy is my new series and I am fully rooted with Grace & Sam. It is The Twilight for Werewolf Lovers.

My mom is irritating me a lot because she's rushing me to get a job and get my license but maybe I'm not ready for all of that yet. I've been looking for a job and I can't find one and I don't have time to study for my permit but I know I need to because my moms car is gonna go soon, and it's a one time offer for a free car. Although, her car is pretty old. I've been hoping for a call back or an email from Boston Market because my mom sent in an application for me and I got an email saying they're looking it over so, I'm hoping I get an interview.

That's all for now.
Wish me luck!!!