Friday, May 20, 2011


So, I am completely single, and don't even bother to ask why because I don't even wanna get into it.

Everytime I try to make plans with people in my area, they bail on me or come up with excuses or something gets in the way or goes wrong and the people that would actually hang out with me, are in another state and I'm not allowed to see them.

I sleep all day because I'm up all night watching movies and playing video games that I've watched and played a thousand times already.

I have no job, which equals no money, and no license, which of course equals no car.

I really wanna start volunteering already at the animal shelter I applied to but all I know is that I'm supposed to be getting an email about when the orientation for the cat program is and I still haven't gotten it yet, so I'm stuck here at home, waiting for this email that seems like it's never gonna come.

I need just anything to get me out of this house.
I guess I just expect friends, a boyfriend or girlfriend, a job, a license, etc. to just come to me but I know they won't.
I have to go out and work for them and look for them myself, except I have no means of doing that.

I have come to the conclusion that I have no life, I am completely alone, and I guess I just like to feel sorry for myself...

My mother blames my bad attitude and laziness for the absence of all the things I just listed and she's probably right because I know I have a bad attitude and I am EXTREMELY lazy...

But what am I gonna do about that ???

Guess I'll just sit here, shut up in the white walls of my room that seem more like prison bars, and wallow in my misery, like always....