Sunday, May 15, 2011

Wicked Lovely

So, I haven't posted in a very long while.
Things have been quite hectic and crazy over here lately.

Well, just to update you on a few things, I'm fresh out of high school.
I graduated in February and I started community college before I graduated.
I just finished the Spring semester with passing grades in the two classes I took as a non-metriculated student and I'll be starting full time in the fall as a Liberal Arts major.
Hopefully I can find a job around then but for now, I'm trying to become a volunteer at my local hospital.
I wish I could get a job now but I have to go down to South Carolina and help out my grandparents with my baby cousin so I'll be down there the whole month of July and I'll be back in August.
My official graduation is in June when all the slackers graduate on time lol
My birthday was just recently and I am now officially eighteen and loving it (:

Now that I've finished school until the fall, I have more time to blog and study for my permit test so I can FINALLY learn how to drive.

I think I've matured in the past year ALOT and I've learned about life and about myself in general.
I'm starting to see who my true friends are and I'm trying to make new ones and stick around my neck of the woods as far as hanging out and making friends goes and I'm trying to stay away from my cousins territory because I just don't belong there and I think I can see where I'm not wanted, but that's okay because I don't wanna be there anyway.
I got my own life to live, my own friends to hang out with, and people to meet so I don't even NEED to be there in the first place and I am quite content with where I am right now.

An even bigger newsflash, I guess you could call it, is that I am truly, madly, and very deeply in love with someone right now but it's so very complicated and I don't think I need to post my whole life story on my blog but just thought ya'll should know that little tidbit.
But you can all know his name is Benjamin, but everyone calls him Benji, but I call him by my own nickname that I gave him which is the Great Benjamin ♥
He is truly amazing and I never thought I could find a guy that would treat me as good as he does and makes me feels this way.
I've honestly never felt this way about anybody before in my entire life and I'm not just saying that.
I can't explain how he makes me feel but he makes me feel different, and important, and special and there are just no words but so many at the same exact time.
We have so much in common and well, yeah. Oh, and he's Nigerian which makes him black but I really could care less about his color and I also don't care what anyone thinks about it because honestly, there is nothing wrong with an interracial relationship and if two people are happy together and make each other happy, then just leave them the FUCK alone.

I can't really say I'm in a relationship but I know that I am MOST DEFINITELY not available in ANY WAY shape or form.
Well, as good ole' Bella from the Twilight Saga would say, (even though Hermione is a WAY better role model for girls and totally more kickass), "I am unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him." ♥
Did I mention that his name is Benji ? [:
TEE HEE ! ^_^

That is all.