Thursday, May 26, 2011

Camel Crush, Wedding, Love, Partying, MobWives, & Kitty Volunteer ♥

So, just a bunch of updates and new things going on.

I got my official ID card stating that I'm eighteen and it was a JOY to be able to walk up to the counter in RiteAid and ask for my favorite cigarettes and be able to whip out my ID when asked. It felt awesome, like a huge turning point in my life lmao

This whole weekend I'm gonna be in Pennsylvania to attend my aunt's sister's daughter's SECOND wedding so it should be fun. I'll be gone the whole weekend with no computer but it's alright because there's free food, new people, and lots of dancing ! >;D haha
We're leaving Saturday morning, bright and early, right when the sun comes up and heading out for the three hour drive to PA which I'll probably just sleep the whole ride and listen to music and text, which is cool with me lol
Won't be back until Monday night but that's okay because I got the whole night to chill and relax and I plan on sleeping the day away Tuesday morning because I know I will be EXHAUSTED from the long weekend.

I also know what I want as far as love goes.
I want a real relationship and a real man who's going to love me for me, respect me, trust me, be honest with me, and love me for who I am and doesn't try to change who I am or what I look like. I want a man who's going to have eyes for me, and only me. I want a man who's going to be faithful to me and who wants me to be happy and he's gonna try his very hardest and best to make me happy because seeing me happy makes HIM happy. I don't want a boy. I'm tired of boys and their immaturity. I want a real man who believes that forever is possible ♥

Also, I am now allowed back into my cousin's territory, courteousy of my mother who thinks that my cousin doesn't rule and reside over the whole damn city and I should be allowed to be out with my friends there if I wanna be without any interference or problems from her. So, definitely going to try to make plans with all my old girlfriends that I miss oh so much and, hopefully, make some new ones lol ♥

By the way, MobWives is probably the best show ever put on TV.
One, it's on VH1 and NOT MTV.
Two, it's not about a bunch of sluts and man whores fucking each other and getting wasted.
And three, the show is about four ADULT women (NOT TEENAGERS) that have some connection or affiliation with the Mob.
It's very interesting and exciting to see what they have to go through, how they deal with it, and some of the stupid drama they get into lol

Also some great news...
I FINALLY recieved the email from the animal shelter asking about volunteering for the cat program and I'm definitely starting next week, which I am SO excited about because I'm going to be out of the house more often and playing with & taking care of animals, specifically cats & kittens (: ♥ lol

That's all for now.