Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Kitty Volunteer, Pirates, & a Bi Beauty ♥

So, instead of volunteering at some boring hospital that smells like clerical soap, I shall be volunteering at the local animal shelter and be playing and taking care of the kitties >:D ♥
I went to the orientation for all volunteers tonight and in another week or so, should be getting an email about when to attend the orientation for the cat program (:
I decided to work with the cats because almost all the volunteers that came to the orientation decided to work with the dogs and, as much as I love dogs, the cats need tending as well, plus I love all animals ♥
Well, at least ones with fur, anyway :P

On Friday, I'm going to see the new Pirates of the Carribbean movie with my girly, Catherine ♥
Which should be fun IF it isn't sold out xP lol

And tonight I was IMed by a random girl that I didn't even know AT FIRST, but it turns out she knows my cousin and almost our whole family.
She's lived in Danbury and she currently lives in Yonkers, she's eighteen, and she's a bisexual beauty ♥
There was a bit of flirting going on but I let her know I'm not available right now but if and when I do become available, I will DEFINITELY give her a shot [;
Her name is Cassie ♥

Still very much in love with * Benji * ♥ and oh . . .
Did I mention that my cousin is probably moving to Puerto Rico ? >:D

That is all.
Tootles , & goodnight [: